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Hangzhou SanXiong seedlings Co., Ltd. is established
by a group of Japan returned reachers in 1996, which has
Vegetable Department, Flowering Department and experi-
mental study Farms. We are engaged in special and excell
ent fresh vegetables, melons, fruits and flower seeds and
seedlings. It is a modern seedlings company which integr-
ates breeding, importing and extending as a whole.
  With the application of modern management concept,
we regards "Pragmatic, Good reputation , High quality " as
our aims. And focuses on the technical guidance services af-
ter production, carrying "To develop when customers make
money, to flourish when farmers get rich" management prin-
ciple. We have already builded networks about vegetables,
melons and fuits as well as impoting, testing and demostrat-
ing flowers, and became exclusive distributor in China of man
y famous forein seedling companies. At the same time, we inv
est to breed and develope the new vegetable and flower vari
eties which are needed of our market developing through sci-ence means.
  As the development of the business, we have set up Shaoguan SanXiong seedlings Co., Ltd. in 2003 in Guangdong, which located at the convergence of Guangdong, Jiangxi, and Hunan. In order to develope the local agriculture and further extend our business in the area of south of hina, we have builded experimental demonstration farms which occupied 400 mu of total.
  We will always make concerted effort to the project of China seedling, taking responsibility of developing agriculture and modern profitablity as own duty. With the help of technical strength, wide range of international communication and strict scientific attitude, we will make unremitting efforts to develope the agriculture of our country.

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